Docket 22540: Low Emissions Technical Expert

  • Organization: Propane Council of Texas
  • Applicant: Jackie Mason
  • State/Region: Texas
  • Project Start Date: 04/08/20
  • Project End Date: 12/31/20
  • Replicated Rebate: Docket 22032
  • Estimated Total Project Cost: $11,800.00
  • State Rebate Funds Awarded: $11,800.00
  • Total Amount Awarded: $11,800.00
  • Award Date: 04/30/20

Project Summary

The Propane Council of Texas plans to continue to contract with a low emission technical expert.

Statement of the Project

Over the last two years, the Propane Council of Texas contracted with a low emission technical expert for fleets to consult on propane autogas grants available from the state of Texas.

With the help of the low emission technical expert, the Council has leveraged millions of dollars in grant contracts for propane autogas powered school buses, bobtails, work trucks and other fleet vehicles.

We plan to continue that momentum for the rest of 2020.

Cost Benefit Analysis

The return on investment to contract with a low emission technical expert is tremendous. These state grant contracts are hard to decipher and navigate. With the help of this expert, the Council was able to help Texas fleets receive millions of dollars to switch to propane autogas.

Evaluation Statement

The low emission technical expert provides monthly reports on the fleets that she has been able to educate on the benefits of propane autogas and the grants she was able to secure them.

Budget and Statement of Costs

Budget and Statement of Costs
Low Emission Technical Expert $10,000
Project Management $800
Administrative $1,000 
Total Request: $11,800

Administrative will cover administrative and operating costs including a small portion of the office space, office equipment, office supplies, utilities, phone & internet provider, online fax service,email marketing service and accounting software.

Project management and staff essential to the project:

Executive Director
• Official project oversight
• Contract management

Education & Marketing Director
• Develop rebate request
• Assist with project oversight
• Assist with contract management
• Markets our low emission technical expert services
• Report management
• Submit final accounting report

Low emission technical expert
• Non-lobbying agency outreach services related to the inclusion of propane equipment & vehicles and related grant activity
• Propane autogas education

• Account management & oversight

Contracted CPA
• Outside review of account & docket